Appearance issue

(Below translated from French using Google Translate)
After making an error in the Terminal from my Mac by emptying the trash, I found myself with my 36 missing chapters.
I started again. I have now completed their replacement and I continue writing my novel.

  • My character profiles appear without their avatar
  • The records are empty whereas before they were pre-filled with titles like:
    Character name
    Role in history:
    Physical description :
    Trends / fads:
    Personal history:
    internal conflicts:
    external conflicts:
  • The avatar of the basket has more the appearance of a basket.
    What can I do ?
    Thank you for that will tell me.

Have you tried restoring from a backup copy of the project? Look inside the “Sauvegarde” preference pane, and click the Ouvrir le dossier de sauvegarde… button. You should see the most recent copies of the project that was accidentally deleted. I would recommend turning the modified date column on in Finder.

If there is no backup that you can use, then what are you doing to restore the project currently? It is hard to say why the index card image (I assume that is what you mean by “avatar”) isn’t showing up without knowing how this was done. I also would have a hard time explaining the fields that changed. I don’t know if you are opening an old copy of the project and repairing it, if you made a new blank project, or one from a template with character sheet examples in it or something else entirely.

Could you post a screenshot of what you mean? I think Google’s translator is having difficulties with that line.