Appearance Question & Suggestion

I remember that someone posted a “dark” color-themed version of the beta; would it be possible to post these settings?

Secondly, both the letter-size and A4 sized manuals are a bit unwieldy when bound. An A5 or 6x9 version would be helpful. Why not make a bound version available through Createspace, Lulu or one of the other POD publishers?

Sorry if this seems naïve, but why not just print to A5?

Because it’s difficult to read an A4 pdf when printed at 50% of its size.

You’ll be able to buy a paperback version of the manual in a month or two.

For the dark theme, I just set up the preferences so that the binder was black and so forth. It doesn’t work with all controls yet, though - the inspector controls will remain blue and white for instance.

All the best,