Appears that Scrivener is loaded two times

For several months I receive a message when opening Scrivener that my copy is unregistered. I have to restart the program then enter the email that you have on file and the license number. Scrivener in the windows 11 tray appears as “Scrivener2”. I have Scrivener on a computer that I don’t use except when the main one goes to the shop. So I do have two copies, the limit, but not three. Please help me unravel this problem.
scrivener Screenshot 2024-06-20 160216

Write to customer support.
The forum doesn’t deal with licensing issues, with your security and privacy in mind.

@Kevitec57 is correct. Please open a support ticket for licensing issues, here:

However, it’s easy enough to check your computer to see if you have two copies of Scrivener installed, and to make sure that the one you’re trying to use is the most current version. (, released July 2023) That’s what I would do first.

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