Append selection with backlink


while I think Scrivener is generally awesome, with the following feature it would be even more awesome for journalists:

Add “Append to document with backlink” to “Edit” menu. That way, for example a name of an interview partner or the like that comes to the mind when compiling facts could be thrown into a list of names and automatically get a link back to the document the name is mentioned in. I would consider this incredibly useful for outlining projects, to link names and topics and still be able to have a concise list of all people connected to the project.

If there’s another way to do this - create a list automatically with links back to documents - I’d be happy to learn about it.

Anyway: Thank you for developing scrivener!

I just dug this up in a search to see if it was possible to do this. I’m envisioning something like Katherine’s suggestion here

…but with a link back to the file that the quote came from.

I understand this might be a technical headache, but I think it could be really useful. I’d probably use it for research papers, and possibly for the note-taking/outlining stage of fiction.