Append to Current Document with Matching Style

I’ll start as I usually do, by stating that I searched the forums for this topic and couldn’t find a match in the general forums or wish list forums. I say this because I am almost sure that I read something similar on LaL before but oh well. My wish is this, I have recently hot-keyed the service “Append Selection to Current Text Document” and I would like this feature to paste the selection into the text document with matching style. As with my previous post about getting my notes out of mail, I have recently fallen in love with the two Scrivener services (Append and Create Clipping). I find them infinitely useful now with keyboard shortcuts and I use them on a daily basis. I think my workflow would be even better without me having to change the font, font size and spacing after each use (not to sound ungrateful! As my mother would say, “Feel lucky that you can even [use those services]!” OK, my two cents rant has expired, love to hear your ideas on the subject!

A humble devotee of Scrivener,

I constantly suggest to forum readers not to rely so heavily on Scrivener as a data collection app.

Far more powerful are the DevonThink programs, and this is a case in point.

In Apple’s Mail, I have available the following services:

DevonNote: Append Plain Note, Append Rich Note, Take Plain Note, Take Rich Note
DevonThink Pro Office: same four, plus Capture Web Archive, Lookup, and Summarize

A Plain Note is plain text; a Rich Note is exactly the original style.

You have better search and analysis in the DT products; Scrivener has its limits.

But, suit yourself and enjoy.

Actually, Scrivener 2.0 will do exactly what you wish. Taking its cue from DevonThink’s excellent services, Scrivener 2.0 will also provide Append…, Append (Plain Text)… - which is what you want, Create… and Create (Plain Text)… In other words, for all the services available in 1.0, in 2.0 there will also be a plain text variant, which brings in text matching the destination style.

All the best,

As always, thanks KB, you are surely the product of some holy union. Cannot wait for 2.0, Never has a text editor made me this excited… :smiley:

Daniel Paradise