"Append to current text" in practise

How can I append a selected text from my browser to the current text without Scrivener gaining focus each time?
Snow Leopard Space just add to the chaotic process where I am forced to jump from Safari to Scrivener, from one space to another, back and forth.
I may be missing a simple setting… Or someone has a tip to fix that…
Would be much appreciated. Thanks,

[Just thought of a way: only fix I could come up with is in the OS Preferences/Spaces to untick the “Switch to application…” at the bottom. Not perfect because this function was also important when using other apps, but at least helps temporarily.]


I’m afraid there is no way of preventing this at the moment. This was an “improvement” that Apple brought in with Leopard - in 10.5, they made it so that calling a service called that application to the front. I have no idea why - the behaviour seems far worse to me. The good news is that I’ve found a way around it for 2.0 - or rather, the brilliant developers of DevonThink found a way around it, and were kind enough to share their solution with me (many thanks to Christian at DT for this). So 2.0 will feature a checkbox in the Preferences that allows you to disable this thanks to the DT guys.

In the meantime your workaround is the nearest you can get because it is something that is controlled at the system level.

All the best,

Thank you Keith for your prompt response.

And always good to hear that our favourite writing tool can get even better.