Append to new doc and delete highlighted text

I am currently moving projects into Scrivener.

I would like to be able to highlight a section of text and choose: Move to New Doc

The result would be a new file added just below the current one, and the highlighted text deleted.

Currently, Append New results in the new doc added outside the current folder, at the bottom of the tree, and the text needing to be deleted.

Does Documents->Split->Split at Selection work for you? It’s not exactly as you’re describing, but I bet it’s a step in the right direction.

I am moving long doc files into scrivener projects. And I use notepad files for lots of quick notes…

I want to create a new file from the selected text, and then auto delete the selected text.

What is the reasoning to create a new file/append from the selected text but to not delete the text?

Knowing the reason for this approach would help me figger how to not say lots of bad words when having to remember to remove the text so i do not become confused when finding it again cuz i forgot to delete it.

And so on

Yeah, I’d love this as well. Splitting at selection is av limited alternative, esp. if you want to leave the source as a single document and/or move the selection to a different location.

Just confirming that the Append Selection to Document feature isn’t in the iOS version. It is a useful one that I use fairly regularly, but there are definitely work a rounds. Probably the easiest for me is to make the larger document a QuickRef and cut and paste from that. Although I have the feeling what would really make it easier is to upgrade my iPad to one that supports split screen.

Selected text is not deleted because “Append Selection to Document” is not the same as “cut and paste.” For example, you might want to keep an original source document intact, while snipping out pieces of it to use in other places.

If you only want one copy of the text, then either “Split at Selection” or “cut and paste” is a more appropriate command.