Append to TOP of Doc

Append Selection to Document is great for me because I’ve been taking old long Word Documents and rearranging them into chapters. But sometimes I wish I could append directly to the top of the document instead of the bottom. Is that possible? Or being considered for future releases? Thanks. David


No, there’s no way of doing that, and there are no plans for anything similar - I think it would be one option too many. How are you going about breaking up your long Word documents, though? The usual way of doing that is to use Split at Selection.

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Yes, I use Split at Selection for my long Word document. I’ve actually been using Append to take a bunch of blog posts and sort them into various “chapters.” Sometimes I’d like them appended at the top of the doc and sometimes at the bottom. Not a big deal, but I was curious. Thanks. David

You could try dragging the text directly into the Binder—basically sorting your clippings into separate documents in Scrivener. Dragging text into the Binder creates a new document out of it automatically. Then you can drop them exactly where you want them, and when you are doing collecting items you can select them all and merge them.

Unfortunately, this does not work with text clippings. Although this feature is very handy for grabbing text parts - you just mark it and drag it out on the desktop -, it’s rather of no use later. You can’t search for it with Spotlight, there’s no Quick View available… The only thing possible is to drag it into a new text document. This works with Scrivener, but it’s one step more: create new document in the binder, move the clipping in. And again.

Could you explain your whole process in a bit more detail? That might help people suggest options. But here’s one anyway: try dragging all of your clippings into one document, then split that document up and rearrange the resulting documents.

Also, it’s handy to know that you can highlight text and drag it to the Scrivener icon in the doc. That will go to a Scrivener Clipping folder, not to be confused with a Mac os X clipping on the Desktop. The Scrivener clippings can be dragged anywhere in the project’s binder, or even to another Scrivener project.

P.S. Try this: drag one, two, or all of your the Mac OS clippings from your desktop/finder onto the Scrivener icon. That will create one document in Scrivener under “Clippings” for every Mac clipping you dragged to the icon. From there, you can drag each document anywhere in your project(s).

Andreas, to clarify, when I said “clippings” I didn’t mean to invoke the textclippings feature of OS X. I agree that is a largely useless format and should be avoided if at all possible. There is another drawback to that format: it stores the text in the resource fork. That makes it very unportable. Just don’t drag text to the desktop first, drag it right to the Binder. When I said clippings, I meant it in the general use of the term, not the technical use.

Dragging the individual blog posts to the binder (creating separate docs) makes a lot of sense…since the first words are the date, I can easily rearrange them that way. But what do folks mean by copying some text to the “Scrivener Icon in the document.” Sounds like it should be obvious…but Which icon is that? Thanks.

I think the poster means “the dock”, not “the doc.” A very nice Scrivener feature.

Thanks. You’re right. I thought I’d tried that, but obviously not. You just drop it onto the alias in the dock…I can see the usefulness…David

Damn those homonyms! Doc and dock, clipping and er… clipping. Damn those words that sound alike/are the same words!

Yeah, I’m all about the typos lately. :unamused: