Append Word Count to Backup File Name

Good morning/afternoon/night,

I was wondering if you’d consider adding a checkbox to Scrivener’s backup options to “Append word count to backup file names”. This would append the current word count for the project to the backup file, after the date.

I’ve seen similar word count tracking requests denied with a note about using spreadsheets, but I wanted to put this specific feature request out there. All of my projects are set to back up on close, and reopening one to check the word count after I forgot and closed it doubles my backup footprint and can eat up some time if I’m storing a lot of images in the project.

Many Thanks!


Note that if you use the Backup To command to create a manual backup, you can name it whatever you like.

I can’t speak for Keith, but I suspect that the problem with this request is that backing up is a pretty dumb, operating system-level operation. Calculating the word count runs into all of the potential variables that you see in the Project Statistics pane. So adding the word count would make an operation that should be simple much more complicated.


Point taken. You’re right, word count has got to be complex and expensive in terms of processing. I’d be astounded if that functionality hasn’t been separated into a subroutine at this point, but depending on how the code base is laid out that doesn’t make it any easier to incorporate into the backup function. And yes, the potential variables wouldn’t help, though I was really just looking for a dumb total word count so I can track my deltas easier.

Backup To is fine, I just don’t trust myself to use it regularly. :blush: I may look into scripting something to purpose. I could use the shell/Perl practice, and getting the word count from a bunch of RTFs ought to be suitably challenging stuff. :smiley:

Have you looked at the tracking functions in Project -> Project Statistics?

Please use a disposable test project for any scripting experiments. Letting other programs touch the contents of the Scrivener project file is potentially dangerous.


Yes, but those options haven’t quite got what I’m looking for. What I want is a relatively brain-dead way to track my daily word count. Scrivener makes it easy to track per session, which would be fine if I could leave my project open all day, but I find myself jumping between different computers throughout the day (using Dropbox to sync everything). Having a total word count on each backup would at least let me calculate the daily delta quickly once I’m done writing.

Thanks for the warning about scripting. I have a healthy terror of all document formats and only intend to use read access against my Scrivener files. :slight_smile: Well, the backups - safest method should be unpacking the ZIP to a temp directory and leaving the original file(s) alone.

What if you use the Synchronize with external folder where you can have all of your files be in plain text? Then you can just use text-based files to check for word-count on the external files/directories whenever you want. Would that work for you?