Appending Synopsis

I just discovered the cool feature that allows me to append the synopsis to the text of a document, however I think it would be even more useful to me if I had the option of inserting it before the existing text in the document as well as appending it to the end.

You can already do this during the Compile stage. The “Append Synopsis” feature is intended for when you have made loads of synopses and have nothing in the main text, and now want to copy the synopsis to the main text as a basis. I’m not sure why you would want the synopsis before the main text permanently, as it really belongs out of the way and can be added during Compile if you want it included in print-outs or exports.

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Oh, I see. Thank you.

A similar but slightly different question: Could “Append Synopsis to Main Text” actually also work as a command to “Replace Main Text with Synopsis.” It was easy for me to do by just erasing all the Main Text in each doc in Scrivenings view, and then using “Append,” but I had to do it doc by doc.

The reason I wanted to do it is that I’d gone back and forth between the corkboard and Main texts in organizing a presentation. Eventually I realized it was easiest to just do the whole thing on the Corkboard, using the synopses as my “script.” But I still had a lot of text left on the docs themselves.

I would find such a command pretty worrying unless it was hedged about with protective dialogues.

Are you suggesting a need for a prophylactic dialogs? I wonder if we could start a “clinic” for folks that didn’t use the proper prophylactic?

Just wait till vic-k gets to this thread…

I think I’ll spend the next three days “off the grid”. :confused:

Even with my addled brain, the potential disasters inherent in the command, ‘Append’ performing the same function as, ‘Replace’, just doesn’t bear contemplating.
As has been hinted at by the cruder element of Scrivener’s crew, the whole concept needs quarantining…short of that…wrapping in all of these

Well, the fact that you young folk don’t understand how thrilling it is to have ‘Append’ perform the same function as, ‘Replace’, just proves that I was using prophylactics well before you born. And that was before the, uh, digital age. I actually had a, uh, legitimate question back there somewhere, but I can barely remember what it was (the age thing again) and I’m enjoying where the thread is going far too much to care. Cheers. D

Hm. Before appending synopses you could open everything in a Scrivenings session, select all, and then apply strikeout or inline annotation formatting, both of which can be entirely stripped from the text during compilation, thus leaving you with only the synopses…

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I’m afraid there are certain crew members for whom the word, legitimate, has little or no resonance. Might I suggest you Append them. Twill be no loss, Mr D.
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Append with caution