Appending Text with Launchbar or Applescript

I’d like to be able to keep a notebook file for quick ideas as they pop into my head. And it would be convienient to do this even when Scrivener is not open, and not have to leave whatever else I’m working on just to start the program and input it there.

I was putting something together in applescript, then found that Launchbar is able to easily append text to an rft file. By opening the package contents of my Scrivener project file, I am able to navigate directly to the TXT.rft file that I know represents my “notebook” in the project binder.

My tests seems to work fine. The additions are added with no problem and are there the next time I open the Scrivener project. I also found that there is a BinderStrings.xml file in the package, that seems to combine all my text files in a project. The changes do not show up there until my project is opened, changed and saved again. This does not seem to be a problem as the TXT.rft file seems to be what Scrivener loads first, then changes the BInderStrings.xml file accordingly.

The only problem I can see with this system is if I append text thru Launchbar while the notebook file is actually open in Scrivener. Scrivener would be unaware of the new text in the file, and would overwrite it as soon as I make changes or it does an auto-save.

Minus that, is there any problem with this method that I’m not considering? I understand this is not an intended use of the program, but if it does no harm it would be great addition to my workflow.

The binderStrings file can be updated by opt-clicking on “Save” in the File menu, too.

Other than the issues you mention, you should be fine - I think. The one thing to double-check is that your word counts don’t get messed up (I don’t think they should, but check before proceeding).

Having said that, of course, I can’t officially support any problems that arise because of doing this. :slight_smile:

All the best,