I’m in the process of exporting to HTML. When I examine the code with BBEdit I find the following sequence at various arbitrary points.

<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span>

When I remove the code it has no apparent effect on the presentation of the page. What’s this about and how can I prepare my Scrivener files so they don’t call up this effect?

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Scrivener uses the standard Apple HTML exporter which is, to put it mildly, pretty horrible. I certainly wouldn’t recommend using it if your primary format is HTML - it’s fine if you are mainly working towards an RTF or DOC rich text file or whatever and just want to export to HTML for a particular person or use, but not for much more than that. If HTML is your primary format, I would recommend using the MultiMarkdown syntax and exporting using the MMD -> HTML exporter. That creates much better XHTML, and allows control over including images and other such stuff, too.

I know that doesn’t answer your question, but that’s only because I’m not sure if there is a way of getting around it. I’m not even sure if the Apple HTML exporter format is documented anywhere…


The HTML elements with class name of “Apple-converted-space” are used to represent multiple spaces which otherwise have no representation in HTML.

This won’t be relevant for Scrivener, but if your ultimate goal is just to create HTML, you could export your document to RTF, open it in TextEdit, and re-export to HTML there without the Apple-converted-space span tags. First just deselect this box in the “Open and Save” pane in TextEdit Preferences: “HTML Saving Options” > “Preserve White Space”. You can also set up some other aspects of your HTML file using those preferences.


These are inadvertent double (or triple) word spaces. Easy enough to use Scrivener to search and replace.

Actually I’m finding Scrivener’s output to HTML quite useful and sets up CSS nicely. In Scrivener I’m placing each one of the predictable styles in single lines at the top of the file so the HTML generator will establish each one of them, whether used in this particular document or not. Then I export the HTML. Next I run an AppleScript I created within BBEdit to search and replace

<class="p1"> with <class="bodytext">

which is more intelligible if and when these pages get further re-edited later. Run the AppleScript against the file in BBEdit, do some final tweaking and 5 minutes later the page is done. Nice.

Thanks for the clue about double word spacing.

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