Apple Help Generation

It would be helpful if Scrivener would add the ability to create Apple Help bundles as an output format. It is basically just a collection of HTML files, one per topic, in a mac bundle format (so I would think not too different from the webarchive that you support already, but with the HTML files broken down by topic - one per page in the hierarchy selected for export), though it would be necessary to add an anchor to each page to identify it to the help system (these could be set in a custom metadata field, for example, and the output format would allow selection of which field should be used to create the anchor tags in the HTML output).

Information about the format is here:

This would allow authoring online help for applications directly from within Scrivener, then turning around and creating printable PDF users’ manuals from the same project by selecting different formats, etc.

It would be particularly nice if Scrivener would also create the contents pages based on the outline used for the generation, but if I need to create those manually (from within Scrivener), I could work with that too.

I have looked at specialized tools for this, but none of them compare to the working environment of Scrivener, and many of them are quite expensive. Adding this as an output format would make life a lot easier for a few of us.