Apple needs a good whipping!

Just received Mrs InChina’s new MBA ----------- Apple made a different charger cable connector than my 2011 MBA!
##%@ %@##%@^ &**$#@!!!

I had to buy two of these to continue using old power converters: … -converter :neutral_face:

If you use one of those and yank on the cable, which part pops out? Does the adapter stay in the laptop and the cable come loose, or does the cable come out with the connector attached?

Adapter goes flying across the room and you are left crying?

Usually, the adapter stays connected to the power supply cord when the cord comes under some tension, but I don’t get the cord yanked very often. When my white iBook was still fairly new, my dog ran past and yanked it out, peeling the round metal shroud of the plug at its seam and pulling the laptop’s power port off-center. That was the last time anything that dramatic has happened to my laptop cord, so I don’t know if the adapter would hold on under than kind of whiplash. Also, I suppose it depends if your original magsafe is one of the L or T shaped varieties–and what direction the cable is pulled from.

You could just buy one of these, likely doubling the cost but halving the anxiety of losing it…

I wish I had a dog. :frowning:

Thanks Robert. :slight_smile:

I must be missing an obvious reference. Otherwise this level of random is reserved for vic-k.

Me too. Miss that slobbery mutt something fierce.

I dropped references to my dog and my white iBook (both passed on years ago) into my rambling about magsafe adapters. So, not nearly vic-k random, but still a bit of a non sequitur.


We recently “acquired” two dogs after multiple years being dogless. More to replace the girl-child now at university than to have a dog. I forgot how comforting a hair, drooling, beast* can be.

  • [size=65]Hmm… Mrs K will never need a do. Vic-k fits that description perfectly.[/size]

Which is probably why the -Ks have a cat. Or cats, if you count Fluff and Floss.

:neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: [size=150]pffffrrrrtttt!!![/size]

PS there ain’ now’t aleatory or stochastic about me… y’ wassocks.

I’m just saying, brothers and sisters,
Buy Chrome.
Some really great machines coming soon. :mrgreen: … fans-video

[size=150]The mind doth boggle…don’t it?!![/size]

Great fun. Wish I’d been there…so many lamp posts. :unamused:

I had a horrible vision the other day that the next generation of MBAs and MBPs would replace the whole keyboard with an iPad-like virtual keyboard … no moving parts, not even a membrane, and a fingerprint on-off button!

Mr X

Yes, so they can know & report in real time who is using what device, where, and create the largest names/fingerprints database in the history of mankind! :exclamation:

I started avoiding all things Google after Eric Schmidt made these comments