Apple Pages text is not opening in Scrivener

I write my stories in Apple pages and the want to edit it in Scrivener, but Scrivener is only opening a text fire. Can I use RTF import instead or do I have buy expensive Word?

No other program besides Pages can open Pages documents because Apple never opened the format or even better created ex- or importers.

Word is not necessary at all. I’d suggest you export from Pages to .docx and use Scrivener’s Import & Split function if the .docx is structured.

And I won’t ask why you write in Pages instead of Scrivener.

Thanks Suavito. I use Pages to write my stories and novels because I like the templates and fonts there. I am just learning Scrivener at the moment. Once I understand it I hope to be able to write in Scrivener. I also know that I will need to send out my work to an agent or publisher just in an RTF. Fancier fonts help me to focus on the personality of each charcter.

Pages has some good DTP functionality and templates and can be used to publish direct to Apple Books and ePub. For those not wanting, or yet to learn Scrivener functionality it has a lot to offer.

Add to that, copying and pasting from pages to Scrivener seems to have fewer ill effects than Word.

I’m interested. What ills effects have you seen pasting from Pages to Scrivener?

Occasionally a something ‘odd’ about hidden formatting. That said, copy and paste from Word can be. nightmare.

While I don’t do it a lot (Pages not one of my go-to tools), but using Scrivener’s “Paste to Match Style” will probably work best and will require the least fixed. Same for pasting for all other apps, especially those that have formatting in the copied text.