Apple Pages?

I have JUST today stumbled upon your excellent product. After using CopyWrite for years I have decided that this software is far superior. I will be soon paying the license fee. However, it seems as though I cannot import text created with Apple’s iWork’s Pages. Is this correct? I can copy and paste the text with no problems but why can I not import from Pages?



Hi Luv2Write

Can you do it via RTF?


Another happy Pages user says:

Export to RTF first. (File > Export gives you four options - pdf, txt, rtf or doc).

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Um, well, thanks but that’s not what I was hoping for. I can export those types in Pages but that’s not the point. I have a zillion documents in Pages format, and it would be a whole heck of a lot easier if I could just import them right into Scrivener. Baring that, it is one excellent little writing program and I intend on using nonetheless.



I think the problem is that Apple doesn’t offer any kind of support for third-party developers to use Pages’ proprietary file format in other programs.

Exactly. The Pages file format is a private format. Apple provide developers with importers for various types - including, ironically, MS Word 2007’s .docx format - but do not provide any importers for Pages. Given that it is a private format and Apple do not provide importers, Scrivener cannot support the Pages format at this time. The only solution is to export from Pages as RTF, I’m afraid.

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Perhaps you could adapt the script referenced below, which purports to save Pages documents to Word, by substituting ‘rtf’ where ‘doc’ appears. I don’t have Pages and so can’t tell you that the script will work. After you create the folder of rtf files, importing into Scrivener can be one step. But consider that several Scrivener projects might be more manageable than one large one. … ts-to.html


Thanks for the information and the help. I appreciate it.