Apple Silicon/ARM and Scrivener and a new Mac

A caveat to that - although Scrivener will absolutely work (natively) on Silicon and there is a Big Sur update coming, I can’t guarantee that the first release of Scrivener for Big Sur will natively support Silicon (that is, it may run under Rosetta). This entirely depends on Apple. I have done all the work necessary for Scrivener to run natively on Silicon, but when I can release a fully Silicon supporting version of Scrivener all depends on when Apple allows developers to distribute Silicon apps. It may be that Apple releases Big Sur before it allows developers to release native Silicon apps. I assume we’ll find out more on Tuesday, with the Apple event.

Either way, we’re ready to go on both Big Sur (with the exception of us still working on the updated icon) and Silicon, so we’ll be pulling the trigger as soon as we can after Apple’s official releases.

All the best,