Apple Silicon/ARM and Scrivener and a new Mac

Login, I wish you joy of Big Sur. Truthfully. Not all of us see it this way. I consider a major system upgrade a trial to be endured, not an adventure to be enjoyed. I only just upgraded to Catalina, and am still working some of the kinks out. I doubt that Big Sur will have a heck of a lot of impact on the way I work, and I’m reasonably certain that many of its features won’t be available on my 2015 MBA 11".

Yes, there’s a great difference between Windows and Mac, and you couldn’t pay me enough (now that I’m retired) to develop on Windows or use it on a daily basis again. The difference between two MacOS versions? Not so dramatic. And if there are, well, I’ll find out about it next year, when I upgrade to Big Sur just before the next big MacOS upgrade. :wink:

Been running Big Sur beta since it became avail. Surprisingly few issues and other’s reports of speedier are same here, even being run as a virtual machine.

An Apple Silicon MB Air will be ordered tomorrow. Go the whole hog.