Apple Watch- Scratch Pad App

Would love to see a very basic speech-to-text companion Apple Watch app, VERY simple but with a watchface complication for easy activation, that when opened immediately begins recording and transcribes directly to text, and when finished (either by watch tap or a verbal command) the text is automatically saved to the Scratch Pad folder with the first few words and date/time as the title. The Drafts app by Agile Tortoise comes close to this- but not quite- after recording on the Apple Watch it still requires a few extra steps within the iPhone app in order to export to the Scratchpad folder and as a result is a bit too cumbersome and discourages regular use for me.

I know something like this would profoundly change how I gather ideas, and would be an amazing addition to Scrivener.

I was able to use workflow to add urls to Fire task, I wonder if a similar Workflow might be possible between with Drafts and that folder? I don’t have the app, so I can’t check.

Drafts can easily be setup to save text to the Scratch Pad. I have been using it that way for quite some time. I can really recommend it.

I don’t know if Drafts has a Watch app but that is easily checked for anyone interested.

Edit: Yes, it has . “Great Apple Watch app to capture with dictation” it says on their web page.
It takes no extra steps on the iPhone app, so are you sure it does on the Watch app?

Yes- this is my current setup as well. I record with the Drafts watch App (via the watchface complication), and those are automatically sent to the Drafts iPhone App, … but then an additional step is still needed to export the files from the phone to my Scrivener ScratchPad Folder on Dropbox. I contacted Agile Tortoise support directly a few days ago and they confirmed that what I would like to do with Drafts is just not possible right now- but perhaps with iOS 11?

So, since I am very lazy with technology, and this is, after all, a wish list, I was wishing for something more tightly integrated with Scrivener, like an Apple Watch Scratch Pad App :smiley: .