After the latest OS X upgrade my G4 Powerbook started playing up.
Hanging, delays, inert to the keyboard.
I repeatedly used disk utility but it didnt work.

Searching on the web I found Applejack which is disk utility on steroids.
You reboot and hold down command and S. You start Applejack at the command line and it begins.
After about an hour going through the permissions, cache clean outs and whatevers it finished and I rebooted.

The machine seems to be OK (touch wood) so I offer this free program if you have a similar problem.

This problem had me really worried as I could not honestly sell this machine if it didnt work.


That little application has saved my disk on one occasion, which is all I need to love it to death. It runs at the base system level, so it doesn’t require the whole GUI mess to operate. If you have massive font corruption going on, or something else that is inhibiting the Mac from booting up completely, this program can mean the difference between a fifteen minute fix and a complete re-install.

Fantastic little program. I actually donated some $$ to the developer so he could purchase an Intel Mac Mini and rewrite AppleJack.

Probably the best donation-ware money I ever spent.

Its a good program but it has’nt solved the problem as I thought.

The machine still hangs, sometimes with the spinning beach ball of death, sometimes without.
I look at the activity monitor and it tells me nothing. I have no idea if its a process operating or if the machine is creating and then breaking its own loops.

Any ideas or any recommended diagnostic programs ?

This is the third day of working on this one problem. I am losing my grasp on sanity.
This email has taken fifteen minutes to write.


I’ve turned off synching with iDisk and it seems OK.
But then thatss what I thought yesterday.

One problem finished and another one, synching starts…

Many braincells were totally rubbished in the making of this topic.

Onyx is probably the best diagnostic and maintenance tool you can get. AppleJack should have taken care of any cache problems you had, which version of OS X are you using? Leopard seems to have largely fixed the network latency halting the system problem—though Finder will sometimes still hang if the network dies.

I am Steve Jobs bitch. Always the latest software. There is a dull ache in my life that I do not have an Intel Mac.

Thanks I will look up Onyx.

I switched to Mac’s after working out that PC’s required at least a day a month sorting out their problems.
After three days of not resolving problems I am tempted to write in a Barbara Cartland manner. Just dictate to a servant.


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