Apples and Oranges

I"ve been spending a lot of happy hours roaming around the forums getting tips and so on about using Scrivener and it occurred to me that, I’ve been reading a lot about Mac versions rather than Window versions.

So how confused am I going to be? I’ve never used a Mac.

Also wondering if there is that great a difference in the program and how it works.

I do like the program and how hopes of future use, but shall confine myself to the Window comments so I don’t get too muddled.

Will watch for other comments on this.

Actually, you’re not too far off the mark by looking at the Mac comments pre-end of October this year.

The current Windows version still has a lot of extras to be built in, but when this is done it is essentially going to be the same as Scrivener 1.x with a pinch of 2.0 (Mac) such as ePub export. Eventually, it will gain extras and move towards mirroring Scrivener 2.0, but we don’t really have a timeframe for that as it depends what comes up on the way.

As Scrivener was made for the Mac, and Keith is still the principal designer, he’ll be the one who decides which features will be in or out, and provided they can be coded for it, they’ll then move from Mac to Windows. So it summary, it’s a good guide for what you’ll eventually have access to.

Thank you for that.
I’m looking forward to the end of NANO so I can get the completed version, and at a DISCOUNT. It’s been an easy program to learn on the fly.
I guess I like the fact that no matter how large a project or how small, Scrivener can help you stay focused and organized.
I still have a lot to learn from it but I don’t mind that aspect.

Hopefully I can find some of the things I need to know from the forums. :slight_smile:

Again, my thanks!