Apple's "Back to School" promotion: $100 for MAS

This year, Apple’s Back to School Promotion is for a $100 gift certificate in the MAS. IIRC, Apple has offered a free iPod Touch in the Back to School program each year for the past 3 years. I looked at the chat on; many expecting the same deal are pretty upset.

There are already blog/news articles popping up about this. See this article. The writer was grousing that students couldn’t buy MS Office with their certificate. I commented that Microsoft is to blame for failing to get their software there. I assembled a roll-your-own office suite that, IMHO, is far superior to MS Office for a comparable price: Scrivener, Numbers, Keynote, Acorn, PCalc.

I asked Mac enthusiast Audrey Watters to blog about what a student could buy for their $100 gift certificate. I don’t know her and have no idea if she’ll blog about it, but it’s worth a shot.

This is a nice opportunity for Scrivener enthusiasts to bang the drums a bit.

Scrivener is prominently featured as one of a dozen “Apps for Studies” when you click on the “view the App Gallery” link on the promotion page:

Keith: you now have an official Apple tagline for your product!

I’m not sure why it gives me such a thrill to see Scrivener showcased on Apple’s websites, but it does. That’s just awesome!

That is awesome! I didn’t even know we were there. I have to say that Apple have been incredibly good to us lately, with our icon appearing in the keynote, getting featured on the Mac App Store and included in their “Apps for Writers” page, and now this.

Thanks Apple!

And thanks for pointing this out, by the way, it’s made my evening!

You’re welcome.

When I see students at the local coffee shops using MS Word for their papers, I cringe a bit. MS Word may be good tool for doing stuff in an office environment, but it is a horrible mismatch for students. I take that personally; I hate to see people using the wrong tool.

There’s a new 5-star review on the MAS:

Can you make a Cafe Press shirt with your logo and Apple’s new tagline? Or is there a tagline you prefer? Make it pretty. We can then self-organize and frequent local coffee shops to enlighten the masses.

Actually, I’d be willing to put a small, square-ish sticker on my laptop, maybe with a quip like (for instance) “Writers prefer Scrivener” worked in with the logo.

That sounds good, Robert. That’s a nice simple message.

How about a sticker with a solid black background with the logo and the text in white?