Apple's Pencil

With the advancement of Apple’s “Pencil”, an accessory to Apple’s new iPad pro, I’m wondering if there are any plans to incorporate its use whenever Scrivener for iOS comes to fruition. I can see its use as a editing device in full screen mode. U know, a way to physical scratch, edit, or write on existing documentation. After all, scrivener is a ‘writing’ app, and a device that actually allows u to physically write seems, well, appropriate, considering.

No, there are no plans for this. Our only plans are actually to one day finish the iOS version at all. :slight_smile:

Only if the underlying “ink” support from the operating system is decent. Adjusting to a stylus/tablet is hard enough without having the software routines supporting it not be rock-solid reliable. (Not trying to say Apple’s aren’t – I honestly have no clue.)