Apple's VR/AR future

A number of leaks are currently appearing regarding Apple’s anticipated AR glasses/technology, which are rumoured to be unveiled in Q4 2022.
What specifically interested me as an author are not so much the applications for the gaming world, but the new AR/VR interfaces to engage with text. I saw a YouTube video showing a VR keyboard that can be used for text input.
So far, it seems certain that Apple will equip the upcoming VR glasses with high-quality 8K displays (more than all current glasses available on the market), resulting in an enormously high-quality rendering that could possibly even replace monitors.
Long story short, Apple will launch AR/VR equipment sometime next year that will revolutionise the way we work and interact with the Mac.
Question: Have the developers already dealt with this topic, or do you see new application possibilities and interfaces for Scrivener in the near future for writing texts?