AppleScript - Jump to Page in Binder

Is there a way to AppleScript to jump to a page in the binder of the front Scrivener file/project? I didn’t see any answer to this in the current forums.

Only if you’re willing to use UI scripting and even then it may not be possible.


Scrivener is not Applescriptable except, as Derick notes, via UI scripting. But sometimes you can get what you want with a keyboard macro program. And also, surprisingly often, it turns out Scrivener already does what you want. Depends on what exactly you want.

So, perhaps it would be worthwhile getting a bit clearer on what it is you are wanting to do: You say ‘jump to a page in the binder’, but this doesn’t make literal sense to me. There are no “pages” in the binder – and so I am a bit unclear what you are wanting to do.

What is in the binder are documents and folders. Are you wanting to jump to (i.e., scroll to and select) a particular doc/folder? If so, how are you imagining specifying what doc/folder you would jump to? Depending on what the answer to this is you may or may not be able to do what you want. For example, for all I can tell so far the Reveal in Binder function might actually already accomplish what you want.

OR do you mean maybe something more like jumping to a page within the text of what is showing in the editor pane? This is a tougher call, because pagination is a typesetting thing – so unless you are using page-layout view in the editor pane, there is not operative notion of “page” for the program to advert to.

Anyway, maybe you could clarify a bit what you are trying to do and that would help the terrific idea machine which is the Scrivener forum.

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