I am using Keyboard Maestro to simplify writing in Scrivener and posting to my WordPress blog. KM allows much customization including key strokes, named clipboards, wait times, etc. I am wondering how I Can use Applescript, if I can, to copy the binder title that is with the text I am highlighting and copying?

To say it another way, I can now highlight an article and hit a key command. That copies the text and inserts a time stamp that it was posted, opens my browser, enters password, goes to a new post page…

Now, If I had the title on a clipboard, which would be the binder folder name for that highlighted article, I could tell it to paste, hit tab, then use a second clipboard to past in the text.

As it is I just need a way to grab the title. Can anyone suggest how this can be done please? Thanks.

AppleScript is on the long-list for the future, hopefully later this year (very tentatively though, as it is a massive job).

All the best,