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I am brand new to Scrivener and am, in fact, still in the tutorial where it explains about exporting your draft to a word processing program. I am still working with Appleworks. I never use all of the other “stuff” (Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) associated with office suites and really don’t want to invest in Office or iWork just to get a newer word processing program. However, when I am playing around with the suggestions in the exporting part of the tutorial and the different formats, none of them seem to be compatible to opening a Scrivener item in Appleworks. The only thing I’ve been able to do is open it in TextEdit and then cut and copy to Appleworks and I just don’t see this as being very amenable to a 400 page manuscript. I did look through the questions already posed concerning Appleworks but they seem to focus on moving something from Appleworks to Scrivener, not the other way around. Anyone have any experience doing this? Any suggestions? Please be aware that I am quite computer illiterate in the matter of terms and processes. Thanks for any and all help! :smiley:

Wendi Jo

You could try Exporting from SCRIVENER in PLAIN TEXT (TXT) Format then import into Appleworks. You will probably lose any styles (Bold Italic, etc) but the raw text should be able to come into Appleworks from a Plain Text file.

Thanks much, Wock. Will try this tonite when I get home from work.



Does AppleWorks not support RTF format? The thing is that AppleWorks is now very old - and discontinued - and the file format was never made public (to my knowledge); moreover, Apple don’t provide importers or exporters for the file format. Basically, Apple provide importers/exporters in their text system for RTF, DOC, HTML, webarchives, RTFD, ODT, DOCX, etc… But they don’t provide importers/exporters for the AppleWorks or Pages formats… go figure.

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Thanks Keith!