Application hangs on the first run

I wanted to try out scriverer and installed in on Windows 7. When I start it, New Project window appears. It is blank and the application doesn’t respond. Waiting for several minutes does nothing. Tried several times, also tried restarting the computer. Would appreciate some help on this problem.

Did some further testing. Installed trial version on another computer and created a project there. When opening this project on Windows 7, it takes very long time to open (like about an hour). After that it’s possible to edit this project normally, but this issue makes the application unusable anyway. So I guess this application is currently not for me :frowning:


Where is Scrivener installed? On internal or external HDD? Do you have an antivirus application active? Where is the project stored?

I would recommend, you install it on the drive where you installed your OS, turn antivirus off (temporarily) and copy the project on your desktop and open it from there.


Mind if I ask which version you installed? I’ve had a hanging issue for over a year, but however long I left it, it never loaded. Not sure it’s been left that long, though. The Sims sometimes hangs like that if a corrupted item is installed. I wonder if there’s an isue with files being corrupted somewhere when it updates. Might be a long shot, since part of why the Sims takes so long to load is the graphics-heavy content, but maybe worth looking at.