Application transparency?

I had an interesting idea for Scrivener involving turning on a form of transparency so you can see things behind it. Depending on how someone would use Scrivener, it could benefit creative flow with such a feature. For a personal example, I like having images around me when I’m writing to aid the creative process, just for inspiration and all that I like to use the changing desktop image feature so I’m always getting a nice slideshow of pictures. It would be awesome to be able to have that all going on, and to see the images completely, whilst still writing on Scrivener on top of it.

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

In compose mode you can set the transparency of the background to whatever you choose. Although I usually keep it opaque to reduce distractions, occasionally I make it transparent in order to see my desktop image or, more likely, some images I have open in windows behind Scrivener.

Also, you can set the composition mode paper “colour” to be any image on your computer via Scrivener’s preferences. However, you need to select your image and your typeface colour carefully as it can be difficult to see your text against a dark background. I’m currently using a paper jpeg that, from memory, was shared by AmberV here on the forums.