Application wide defaults for labels and status

Hey, I’m Dave and I finally paid for Scrivener.

I would love to see user-defined defaults for labels and status. It’s a pain to keep having to rebuild my status and label structures every time I start up a new project. Just to be clear when I talk abotu defaults, I don’t which label or which status is the default or a given item, I’m talking about what kinds of labels and status can be attributed to a given item.

If you have covered this elsewhere I apologize for the repeat, this is my first visit here since ponying up the dough - well worth it by the way.

All you have to do is set up an empty project the way you want it and then make that project a template by going to File–>Save As Template. Then whenever you make a new project you can use that template.

Cool! I hadn’t thought of doing it that way. I still think that there is some merit in allowing the user to adjust the defaults on the fly, especially if said user is in the middle of creating a document and suddenly realizes that they have a use for a new label or status.

Still I will go forth and make a template!

Hmm… I’m not sure I know what you mean… You can already rename “Label” and “Status” to whatever you want (“POV” and “Location” if you wanted, for instance) and add new label and status items or rename existing ones for any given project (all via File > Label & Status Setup). And then, as pointed out, you can save the whole project as a template so that this setup is available for new projects.

So I think I misunderstand you…

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First - Thanks for all the input.

Let me try this a different way. I’m still sort of settling into using scrivener. As I’m learning ways to use the label and status feature, I find myself gravitating towards different structures for each. As an example I often use the labels to describe how certain items relate to the overall project (main story, side story, brainstorms, questions, back story, etc.) and I use the status pretty much just the way that it is with a few minor additions and changes.

The structure that I am using now has evolved over time, and continues to evolve, but generally speaking I use the same structure over and over. Let’s say, however, that I start and finish two rough drafts using the generation 1 structure. Then working on a new project I realize that I should add in a few labels, or change the way I use labels specifically for project three, but by the end of project three I decide I really like those new labels and want to use them with projects 1 and 2. If I could set the defaults in project three for for the whole application, it saves me time when I go back to work on next drafts for my earlier projects.

As I said before I will definitely make some templates now that I’ve gotten that advice. It just seemed to me that with all of the other application-wide customizations that are possible it would be intuitive that you could change the kinds (and colors) of labels and status as well.

Just a wish on my part though, otherwise I continue to be very happy with (gasp) paying for Scrivener. Personally i hope this software becomes a standard apple-cation, but I haave reccomended it to all my machead friends.

Thanks again.

Ah - I see what you mean. There are certain problems with that approach, though. For instance, many users may require different labels and status items for different projects - in which case, a change at the application level wouldn’t be desirable.

Secondly, because labels and status items can be dragged around into the order you want in their respective lists and you can change their titles, too, they have to have a separate internal identity. There would be no guarantee that, if you had developed sets of labels and status items in different projects independently, labels and status items with the same names across those two projects would have the same internal IDs. Thus, you could find yourself in the situation whereby you applied a new label and status set to a project and then found that the documents had different labels and status items assigned to them than you expected.

For instance, say you have Project A which has the following labels:

Article (internal ID: 4)
Research Item (internal ID: 2)
Character Note (internal ID: 1)
Other (internal ID: 6)

And Project B which has the following labels:

Research Item (internal ID: 0)
Article (internal ID: 1)
Character Note (internal ID: 2)

If you were then able to apply the label set of Project A to Project B, this is what you would find:

Any items labelled “Research Item” would now have a completely blank label (because in Project A’s label set there was no item with the internal ID of 0).
Any items labelled “Article” will now be labelled “Character Note”.
Any items labelled “Character Note” will now be labelled “Research Note”.


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What about a “project” level label and a “program” level label grouping where project would always override program (option to update project when conflict found)?

That might even allow (or worse require) two label fields, but I think it would cover all aspects.


Hmm… I guess I was just looking for the option to set the defaults for the application from within a document, rather than having every change I make to the labels and status become the new default. Something like a button that said “make these the default labels” or an option in the preferences to make a certain set of new defaults.

It does seem like something that could cause some glitchy nightmares though.