Apply Formatting Preset as a "true" preset

It would be a huge enhancement if Apply Formatting Preset would act as applying a “true” preset variable to the txt selected, i.e. so that after exporting as a .odt or .doc, the text would still have the formatting preset applied in the Open/Neo/LibreOffice/Word Formatting Preset chooser.

Also then, when changing the preset in Scrivener, all items with that preset applied would automatically change format. Would be very convenient (otherwise that might only be accessible through MMD?)

BTW, congratulations for Apple Store ranking!

This has been raised time and time again. Scrivener uses the Apple text engine, which doesn’t provide for styles à la Word or word processors generally. For Keith to include this, he will have to write his own text processor from the ground up, or do a mammoth development of the RTF format and hooks into Apple’s engine in the way that the team at Nisus have done. Word, Open-/Neo-/LibreOffice, Pages and Mellel all use proprietary text engines; Nisus is the only WP I know of that does styles properly, but is based on the same text engine as Scrivener.

I suggest you might like to do a search for “styles” and read all that has been said on it.



Ah, thanks! Then I will try to “fix” it via MMD.
Sorry for the redundant post.

I’ll just add that a proper “styles” system is on the list for the future, as soon as we have the resources to get another coder or two to create our own RTF/DOCX translators and suchlike.

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Excellent! Thanks!