"Apply Note Style - Default Note Style" context menu item not setting everything to default

On the context menu, the “Apply Note Style - Default Note Style” option does not reset the text style. For example, if the text style is set to bold using the Inspector or using the context menu “Apply Note Style - Title Text” then you “Apply Note Style - Default Note Style” then everything is set back to the default note style except that it is left as bold. The same applies to if italic, underscore or strikeout is applied as well.

That’s by design, I think. I have experience with this for documents, not directly for notes, so I’ll tell you what I know.

Paragraph styles are applied, but character styles are not. If they were applied, and the default character style is Regular, applying it would wipe out any italics, underline, bold, strikeout, and highlights in your work in progress, clearly a bad thing, or at least, a VERY bad thing for the way I write, or any writer who uses italics.

I think it’s a good idea to treat notes the same way.

Well, the “Apply Note Style - Default Note Style” option changes the text colour, which by your argument could be just as disastrous…

I’m surprised it does that, but no, it’s not as disastrous.

If I’ve set text and background colors in Preferences, I’m fine with applying that to any and all Binder documents. When I export, I can change it to black and white. If I’ve wiped out italics, on the other hand, there is and can be no Compile setting to put them back. It’s a destructive alteration; changing text color is not.