Apply Redefined Preset To Whole Document

Is there ANY way to change a preset and have it applied to an entire document.

I have 300 pages and want to change the body text to have a different line spacing … 1.3 instead of 1.1. Its that trivial but would make the book much more readable. The ONLY documented way to do this is a) before you write or b) to click on every body text and manually update it. Maybe a week of full time work. I want the same feature that Microsoft word has when you change a preset, it globally changes all instances of that preset.

The only suggestion i have read was to import it into word but that just seems insane… Any thoughts ? Does the product support global changes?

Is it only for the final output? Then just choose that when you Compile the final output. The font, spacing, etc you have while eriting does not affect the compiled output.
If you want to change while writing, for your own pleasure, click on the topmost level in the Binder, Edit-> Select all, and apply the preset.

Try to creat a default text format then have a look at Documents ➡ Convert ➡ Convert Formatting to Default Text Style… mentioned in 15.4.5 and 15.4.6 of the user manual, along with Preserve formatting it may help.

Scrivener 3 will have a real styles system, which will solve your issue for good…

… but still, the format of the book is decided when you Compile the book, making a pdf for print, or epub or mobi for e-books.

Thank you guys so much… Once i knew it could be done in compile->formatting i went in and discovered the “Override Text and Notes Formatting” checkbox which is what appears to control the font selection for the body. I had done wonders with my headers but could never adjust the body. Was googling for 3 days before i broke down and asked the forum.


Glad you found that little checkbox. Using the Formatting pane in Compile you can do almost anything and produce very good looking books.

Ok so i have been following the rule of defining the presets in the compile and the main body text looks great, but all the non-body elements (ie. the lists or code) are now formatted with the same formatting as the ‘Body’ was. If i have a section with i want the list/code to be formatted one way while the body should be formatted separately.

The color of the text remains (guess i didnt specify that) but now everything double spaced when compiled.

Any suggestions on how to manage this?

If i used word for the book, it would have simply been redefine the styles of the two types of writing - and the book looks mostly ok (except for the body text), but the reformatting is confusing me.

Wel, if you need to retain different text styles then you will have to turn Override Text and Notes Formatting OFF. In which case you should use formatting presets to set up the style as you want in the document itself. You could first standardise everything (Documents > Convert > Convert formatting to default text style…) then selectively apply formatting presets for lists, code blocks etc.


And… this will all change when Scrivener 3 is released!

Another route would be to use MMD in Scrivener, as this generates styled documents automatically for code (including syntax highlighting), lists, figures, quotes, inline code etc. But it will require editing of the text to follow MMD conventions.

i am very excited about v3… hope its soon… thanks for the advice… i have been manually reworking a bunch of stuff in preference to exporting it into word and reformatting there… no more word !