Applying a Preset Format without killing Italics

To get my text to look consistent, I often apply the “body” preset format, but it removes italics! (and probably boldface, too.)

How does one apply a preset format that only changes the basic indentation, font, size, spacing, etc, and doesn’t fool with attributes such as italics and boldface?


Looks like you’ve found a bug. :slight_smile: It should be possible to apply a paragraph-only preset without disrupting the character formatting, but this isn’t working correctly at the moment. I’ve filed a ticket to address this.

Meanwhile, if you’re trying to make all your text in the document consistent, you might do better by fixing the default formatting to your liking (in the Editor tab of Tools > Options), and then using Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style to apply that formatting to any existing documents. This will preserve your italics and bold and has additional options to preserve tabs, alignment, etc. I use this far more than presets to standardise text within the editor and have assigned it a keyboard shortcut for quick access.