Applying an old license on my new windows laptop install

Hi, I’m confused why I cannot apply my existing license on my new scrivener install on my windows laptop?
I downloaded the application but there is nowhere obvious that allow me to enter a license and it doesn’t automatically prompt me the first time I run it like the instructions says.

I don’t want to start a project and then be later forced to pay for another license, I realized looking at the invoices that I had already bought it twice!

Please assist.

Edit: there is not registration option either as mentioned in help.


It looks like your copy is already activated – see how "Deactivate Scrivener"is one of your options?

Click on About Scrivener – you should see your license name displayed if you’re licensed.

Did you move your old user profile to your new laptop? That may have moved the registration information.

This is a new laptop, I’ve not installed Scrivener here as far as I remember. I bought the laptop for gaming!
So I’m a little thrown that it didn’t have the register option. I just hope it doesn’t try to ping me in 30 days to buy yet another license. I’m quite confused.

Thanks for responding, I hope a L&L support staff does actually reply with an official response.