Applying custom meta data

Is there any way to apply a custom meta value to more than one document at a time?

I tried by selecting two or more documents in the binder, and then in the inspector selecting a meta type and setting its value. But it only applied it to the first of the selected items.

In exploring this, I found what appear to be discrepancies in how the inspector indicates a document’s custom meta status, and its keyword status, when multiple docs are selected.

With keywords, as multiple docs are selected, the kw panel will show only the kw’s they have in common.

With custom meta, if one document has custom meta, and another doc does not, the inspector will show the meta value of the doc that has the cm set. This results in an incorrect indication of the in-common meta status of the currently selected docs.

It also seems that if the selected docs use the same custom meta field, but have different values, it shows the value of the first doc selected.

The inspector only looks at one file at a time, if you select more than one item in the binder or group views then the inspector will switch to showing project-only data. So I’m not sure what you were seeing when you saw keywords being combined—or how you even saw the metadata tab in the first place.

That aside, to apply custom metadata to multiple items at once, with them all selected, right-click on the selection and you’ll find submenus for changing values in bulk. Not every metadata field supports this—if it can’t be logically put in a menu then it isn’t supported (text and dates).

This confuses me greatly. Right-click where? The binder? Editor? In neither place (on SfW) do I see any metadata choices submenu.

Select the files (in the Binder) and right-click on one of them (in the Binder).

You would right-click on the selection, wherever that may be. It could be the binder, it could be the corkboard or the outliner in the editor. Supported custom fields will be right below the stock metadata fields: Section Type, Label and Status.

Hrmmmm. I’m not on my laptop at the moment but I didn’t see any custom metadata when selecting documents that had all types of custom metadata. Not that I recall.

I’m at my laptop, and can confirm that the Windows Scriv v3 right-click menu does NOT provide a means to change custom metadata, whether for one or many items. I checked for Binder and for Outliner, using metadata fields of type Checkbox and List.

Well, that’s annoying. I’ll get it written up as a bug—seems at this point there is no way to do this.

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Thank you all for the follow-ups! :slight_smile:

So, I’m not crazy then (in re: this, at any rate…) Thanks for letting me know I can stop trying to see how to make this work then.

Nope! I was the one that was bonkers. :crazy_face:

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