Applying different colours etc. to multiple projects

I sometimes have multiple Scrivener projects open at once (one for drafts in progress, one for completed stories that need editing, one for a novella with a completely different tone/structure), and I would like to be able to colour-code them to help my brain get into the appropriate mode when I switch to that project. I want to have a custom corkboard background and coloured Binder background and pins for one project without changing from my more-or-less-the-default settings for the others. I can see how to save and load different preference files, but using that method would require me to command-comma and change prefs file every time I switched projects (which I might do every five minutes). Is there any way to set these things as preferences for particular projects rather than all of Scrivener, and have multiple projects up simultaneously and looking different?

There is no way to do this short of what you’ve already discovered, which would be a real pain for more reasons than just switching all of the time. You’d have to keep them all synchronised with every single change you ever made, should you change your mind about something. I don’t believe there is anything planned for this either, that I’ve heard of.

You could try turning on label tints icon (in the View menu) and then putting an empty document at the top of each project Binder that is brightly coloured with something unique for each project. That is the best thing I can think of that is obvious and not universal.

Thanks for the quick answer! And the label tint idea is better than nothing. I hadn’t discovered that option (I guess I should keep quiet about just how many years I’ve been using Scrivener!), but now you’ve had me look in the menus for the icon-tinting option I’ve also found the index card tinting option. Which means I can get the icons in the binder and the synopsis card to turn colours. So I’ll be playing with the colour picker now, finding just the right blue to remind me not to put in any jokes when I’m supposed to be writing tragedy. :slight_smile: Thanks again.