Applying formatting problem


So I’ve gone to Preferences > Options > Formatting and set so that the first line in each paragraph has a slight indent. Then I’ve highlighted the documents in my binder and gone to Documents > Convert > Default Style, but nothing happens.

I already have a first draft done, and now I’d like to fix some of the formatting and indents. Any ideas on what I’m missing here?


If you create a new document in that project and type in some sample text, does the new formatting come through?

Yes it does. Is there any way to apply the formatting to the old documents?

Also, is there a way to not have Scrivener indent the first paragraph in a new document/chapter?

Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style… is the way to do this, and should work, so given that it didn’t, what options do you have ticked in the option panel that appears when you do this?

For instance, if “Preserve tabs and indents” is ticked, then obviously it won’t change the indents or tabs in the existing document.

If you want this in the editor, you just use the ruler to change the first paragraph. Alternatively, there is an option to get rid of first line indents automatically in the compiled document (in the “Options…” area of the “Formatting” pane in Compile).

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Keith, that did the trick.

I unticked all the boxes in that option panel. I had the first two ticked (font and font size), so I can see why it didn’t work.

I also found the option in compile to remove the indent on the first paragraph, so thanks for that. All is well in writing land now and I can return to writing and green tea.

Thanks again for the help guys. It’s much appreciated!