Applying new template to existing project


I’ve been using the windows beta since the beginning of June. Currently using release 029

My understanding is that at present, you can only make specific outliner column settings stick by creating a new template with those settings.

So - I’ve created a template that has the settings I want - however - I would like to be able to apply these settings to a work in progress I created using on an old template (same template - just without the outliner column settings).

Am I able to apply a new template to an existing project - and if so, how?

Hoping you can help me with this - the outliner column settings issue is the one bug that’s driving me bananas. Very much looking forward to it being resolved!!!

(Apologies if this has already been addressed in another post)


That’s a bug I think; I can reproduce it in projects I’ve created prior to b29, but not projects I’ve created after—does that correlate with you? If you make a new blank project and set up some columns, do they stick?. You should be able to toggle whatever columns you want on and off for any project and they should stick.

But to go ahead answer your second question: there is no way to apply a template to a project because a template is just a project. :slight_smile: More accurately, it’s a project that you’ve only gone so far as to set up the scaffolding for, rather than going to start with your actual project material, so that in the future you can use that scaffolding to jump start to where you prefer.

It would make more sense to make a new project off of your template and then drag the Binder data from the old project into it. But I wouldn’t recommend it unless all you do is make folders and files and type in them. If you use any meta-data at all, or link items together with Scrivener Links or References, you’ll lose all of that. Dragging between binders still needs some improvement along those lines. Linking will never work (it’s not possible), but near-full meta-data retention should be fixed eventually.