Applying numbered list formatting?

Hi guys, first time posting here. :slight_smile: Be gentle.

I find my work style flows best through the use of an outline to get my ideas down and evaluate their flow and structure before I dive in. I have found in the past numbered lists are ideal for me as they allow me to not be slowed down by interface elements and just let events flow from my mind in sequence and reshuffle them later.

However, while compiling lists from several documents I realized that my lists were in a variety of different formatting styles, and I had no means to apply one formatting style to all my lists.

This is would be something similar to the existing functionality of applying the default text document template to an existing document ( Documents -> Convert -> Formatting to Default Text Style ).

I was hoping someone could enlighten me if there is a way I can define the numbered list โ€œstylesโ€ for that same default template so it can be applied as well. If that is not an existing feature, could it be something to suggest for 2.0 as part of the preferences?

I understand this software is not focused on text formatting but to facilitate quick and efficient document creation, I just thought such functionality might be beneficial to writers in a number of different ways.