Applying Status / Labels to multiple binder entries

Hello - and first LOVING Scrivener 3. So worth the wait - great job.
I have found a minor bug when it comes to applying “status” or “labels” to multiple binder sections. The application allows us to select multiple sections / scenes in the binder, and then in the inspector status bar you can select a “label” and / or “status”. One would expect this label / status to be applied to each selected item in the binder, but it only applies to the the FIRST item in your selection.
Not sure if you are already of this so thought I would report it.

Hi jo005597,

I’m not so sure this is a bug, but I’ll let L&L speak to that.

In the meantime, if you want to change the Label or Status of multiple binder items, ctrl-click the ones you want to change, then right-click one of them. You will be able to change Label or Status from the right-click menu, and your selection will apply to all the selected binder items.


Hi jo005597, thanks for the good words about Scrivener v3!

About the Inspector Labels/Status changes, I think you have to separate Scrivenings mode from multiple Binder selection.

When you select multiple items in the Binder, the Inspector Label/Status controls at the bottom are hidden and you cannot change them.

When you select a folder with multiple subdocuments(or select multiple text documents) and switch to Scrivenings mode, the Inspector shows info about your current cursor position document(in your case most likely the top document by default). In this case the Inspector changes the Label/Status properties of your current editor document and not all loaded documents in Scrivenings mode.

Hope this helps.