Applying Styles in Override Text Formatting Panel


Lately, I’ve been experimenting with adding Titles and Suffixes in the Override Text and Notes Formatting panel when compiling. I think that’s a really nifty feature! That way I don’t have to be concerned with formatting the text while I’m still writing. And after I’m finished writing, I can keep my source text clean while the output looks nice and shiny.

I’ve encountered a problem, though: when formatting the added titles in the editor, I can’t seem to be able to apply previously defined formatting styles to them. This works just fine for the normal body text, but with the titles, it doesn’t. Whenever I apply a formatting style, the dummy title text in the editor window changes accordingly, but the changes don’t survive the compilation stage.

Is what I’m trying to do even possible?

Thank you for your time.


Hmm, the presets just set the font and paragraph settings, so it should be no different to setting the font and line spacing and so on manually. Could you provide some numbered steps to help me reproduce this, please?


Yes, of course, here are the numbered steps for you to reproduce.

  1. Open Scrivener document
  2. File -> Compile
  3. Compile For -> ePub eBook
  4. In the Contents panel, select the files to Page Break before
  5. In the Formatting panel, select the correct file level for formatting purposes and check Title
  6. In the editor window, select the Title text and apply a preset
  7. (optional) Apply Prefix/Suffix, Padding
  8. Press Compile

That’s it. I hope this helps. For the life of me, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong …

Thank you for your time,

Wait, you’re compiling to epub - the formatting will depend on what is available in your e-reader. The centring and relative size should stay intact (as should underlines, bold and italics), but font and other such formatting may not be applied. e-Readers usually allow the user to set a font, or they set a default.

What is the exact formatting that is missing?


Thank you for the reply!

Yes, I noticed that I can’t use specific fonts. But other things, like line spacing, font size, font characteristics (bold, italic, etc.), alignment, this things should work, but it doesn’t when I choose to take the Formatting Text and Titles route. If I write the titles myself, it works, all the above mentioned things are applied. But when I apply the formatting preset in the compile panel, it doesn’t take. Editing the body text works, but titles, nope.

I hope you can reproduce this and see for yourself.


Ah! I see it now! Right, the presets are wiping out some internal styles that allow Scrivener to keep track of what elements are being formatted - I’m working on a fix right now, so it will be done for 2.0.1. In the meantime, avoid the presets in the compile sheet.

All the best,

That’s good to hear! And thank you for your time!