Applying text styles causes scroll

Applying text styles in Scrivener 3.0 (using both the drop-down menu and keyboard shortcuts) inconsistently causes the currently selected document to scroll down significantly. Luckily, the cursor remains in the same place, so it is easy to get back to where you were, but this doesn’t seem like the desired behavior.

I can’t reproduce this problem, but could that be because these aren’t the Mellel forums…? :slight_smile:

That’s because I of course meant Scrivener 3.0. Working on too many things at once!

How can I help you reproduce this behavior? It doesn’t seem to be happening in most of my Scrivener projects (just the one I’m working most avidly with, which also happens to be by far the longest). Would a video of the behavior help?

Try turning typewriter scrolling off. I noted styles can cause scroll behaviour in certain conditions with that option enabled—and given that is a project and even editor specific setting, it would explain the sporadic nature of it.