AppSumo activation problems


I had no issues activating Scrivener when I first purchased it through AppSumo, but now that it is almost two years later and I have a new laptop to install Scrivener on, my activation method through them seems to have expired. Scrivener did not send me an invoice, only AppSumo did, so when I try to activate Scrivener on the new computer I do not have the serial number name and number. It seems AppSumo has a slightly different method of activation, which involves a link to a different page within Scrivener and then pasting in the registration code they provided in their invoice.

I’ve emailed support for both Scrivener and AppSumo, but I’m trying to get back to the novel asap, so any help here would be most appreciated. Is there somewhere within the Scrivener program on my old laptop that says what my serial number name and number is?

Thank you,

If you download the free Belarc Advisor you can recover this and all other license codes on the computer.