appy burfday

[size=150]APPY BURFDAY TO YOO :laughing:



I reckon too much of that stuff will turn “Happy Birthday” into “Happy Burp-day” followed later by “Not-so-happy Barf-day” :slight_smile:

35 eh, Keith? It’s so long ago I can’t remember it! You look at the 10 year-olds you teach and think “God, I’m old enough to be their father!” I look at the 20 year-olds I teach and think “God, I’m old enough to be their grandfather!”

Many happy returns of the day … not of the ersatz beer!


Happy birthday, Keith!


Happy Birthday Sir! I trust you celebrated in style! Cheesey puffs and beer is a style, right? :wink:

Yes, happy birthday, KB! Have a good one!

Keith -

In celebration of YOUR birthday, I bought Scrivener stuff for me from cafepress!!
Have a good one! :slight_smile:


Awww… Thanks. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: How did you all know? It’s not like I’ve been mentioning it for weeks…

Karen - my first merchandise order! (Aside from my own, which doesn’t count.) Thank you!

And vic-k - perfect gift, thanks. :slight_smile:

And what am I doing on my birthday? Sad git that I am, I’m sitting on the sofa designing enhancements for Compile Draft. My other half was just laughing because this morning she saw an interview in a newspaper with Ade Edmonson in which he was asked what the main characters of The Young Ones would be doing nowadays, and he said that Neil would be making his money in software development like all old hippies. (I was a bit of a grunge hippy in my younger days and when the phone went my flatmates would yell, “Get the phone Neil!”) I’m not sure if The Young Ones is known beyond Britain so all of that might be lost on most of you, but it brought a smile to my face.

At least no one bought me socks. And apparently life expectancy is 79 nowadays, so I’m not even halfway. Unless I die early, in which case I could have been middle-aged at 20. So I say that you can only become middle-aged in retrospect, and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, thank you all!

Keith, speaking as one who is not that far off twice your age, let me assure you that age, like memory, is a habit of mind!


that`s if you can actually locate the mind! :open_mouth:

So Keith, how was your birthday? Did you get a lot of toys, I mean presents? A couple of new Macs, voted best software programmer of the year, a new DVD?


Apple recognizing that they owe you a free development year and begging you to keep encouraging wet blankets like me to purchase leopard resulting is Jobs personally dropping by to do your dishes.

No? That didn’t happen? I told him you would appreciate it.

I am late as usual.

Happy Birthday Cap’n!

Nobody has walked the plank today. I did hear that Steve Jobs was detoured on his way to do your dishes because Woznik created a Fusion generator that runs on water and paper clips. He wants to give it to the masses for free and help the planet but I think Steve is trying to convince him to let Apple market it under


or something to that effect.

Oh well maybe next year? I hope you got plenty of nifty toys (presents) to play with and take apart. We all wish you the best and remember!

You can celebrate your Birthday and get special privaleges 1 week prior, during the Birthday week, and three weeks after said Birthday.

Just evoke the pass phrase “But its my Birthday!” and all sorts of wondrous doors will open for you.