Arabic typing is not working as expeced

Typing in Arabic has some serious flaws:
Here is what I did:
After choosing an Arabic font, Setting the writing direction ‘Right to left’ this is what happened:
Lists don’t behave as expected (the only choice that applies here are the dots, not numbered lists. Even when chosing numbered list, it appears as dots)
I had to set the alignment from the toolbar to Left to right, (yes contrary to the logic) so what I type appears inthe normal (right to left) direction
And indentions dont’ worka at all with lists (using right to left Imean).

And for this even imperfect situation to work, I have to chose a font which has the word (Arabic) in its name. Times new roman or courrier new for example won’t work.

My question specifically are:

  1. Is this a bug?
    Am I missing something?
    Oh. and I posted a couple of weeks ago about the Arabic dictionary not loading after being downloaded.

Thanks in advance
Your prompt answer is highly appreciated.