Arbitrary types of documents in the draft-folder

Here’s one final suggestion. A mere trifle :wink:

At least two programs for writers, that I know of, have mind maps integrated recently, which allow to add graphical notes and sketches to given files. This is feature has been requested by users often. In Scrivener there will be no such close integration of Scapple, because Keith wants to keep the two programs separated. On the other hand, this gives you advantage, that you are free, to use a mind mapping software of your choice, if you are not happy with Scapple, or even a drawing software.

It’s easy to create any type of document from within a Scrivener project: You just have to put an (empty) document of that type in the template folder of the project once (drag&drop from finder/explorer). Having done so, you may create new files of this type anywhere (outside of the draft-folder) using the common Scrivener commands :slight_smile:

Sometimes it does make sense, not to bury those sketches deeply in the resources folder, but to store them directly with the affected scene (since any Scrivener text is a container as well). Unfortunately Scrivener does not allow arbitrary types of documents in the draft-folder, so this leads to my suggestion: simply to abandon this restriction. Such supporting documents should not interfere with the compiling process, since they cauld be skipped during compile.


Thanks for all the feedback. I’m afraid I don’t plan on lifting this restriction from the Draft folder, though. The Draft folder is reserved for text documents so that it only contains what will be (or can be) compiled. It would introduce too much confusion to allow the Draft folder to contain any files, because then there is nothing special at all about the Draft folder and many users would be confused as to why a PDF file dropped in the Draft folder is not included in the compiled output. So I think this distinction is important to the design.

Future versions will make it easier to access other documents while working in the Draft via an enhanced bookmarks system, however.

All the best,