Are All of Our Cousins in the Southern US States OK?

I ve just caught the evening News on the idiot box. Things look pretty desperate down South. Hope y`s are all OK.

It’s chilling that you’ve not received a reply from anyone down south. Still, with so much destruction, it’s a good bet that the writers there don’t have electricity or internet access just yet. It may take a few days. At least there’s one consolation: “Super Tuesday” is over, and the Presidential primary candidates blew out of there along with the storms!

Myself I got lucky and we only are catching tail end of the wicked storm. Luckily no tornadoes or flying cows have been spotted down here. My wife did have to walk down to the end of the street to fetch one of our garbage cans and I had to spend some time walking through the yard picking up things that had blown off the porch.

I hope anyone that was in the path of this storm made it through ok.

It was pretty bad. Caught the news on Union University in Tennessee. They got hit pretty hard. 80% of the student living facilities were decimated so now many of the students are living with faculty and nearby residents.

THe people of the South are a gentle folk and are used to facing hard times. They stick together like good old swamp mud and molasses and usually work together when times of need are faced so I would assume anyone that has been put out or hurt will be taken care of with that good ole Southern Hospitality.

Thank you everyone fer asking

My parents live about 45 miles north of Jackson, TN (home of Union University). They spent some fearful moments in the inner bathroom (their “safe” place) during a couple of tornado alarms in their small town, but were otherwise unharmed. They got a lot of wind, sound, and fury, but no substantial damage. Here in Atlanta it was just rain.

Thoughts and prayers to those in harm’s way…

kastorff, hiya,
glad to hear your mum and dad are ok :slight_smile:

let`s keep the old fingers crossed, for others in the area.

Take care y`all