Are anchor Scivener links possible?

I doubt if this is possible, but can you create “anchor Scrivener links”, meaning a link to certain section inside a document, like a sub-heading?


But you can create sub-documents to whatever level of granularity you need, and then link to those sub-documents.


Yes, thanks. It’s just that I want certain list type of content in the same document. I might need to re-think the structure of the whole project though.

There’s no reason why the structure of the Scrivener project has to match the planned structure of the output document. At least in my own work, I’ve found it’s easiest to just create new documents whenever I need them. I can always glue them back together later.


True, but this project (viewed inside Scrivener) is in a way the final output. It’s a game plan that I develop further every now and then, creating new documents and links between them. Still, a PDF compile at any time should be decent and easily readable too.