Are bulleted lists possible on Synopsis card?

I’d like to make some short lists on a few Synopsis cards and use bullets automatically, well automatically once I click the icon. Is that possible in Scrivener for Windows? Will it be?

This is really a wonderful beta, more than beta, if you ask me. Hope you get it finished soon so I can pay for it and get rid of the nag screen on start up. Thanks for all your hard work!

Brenda P.

There is no automatic listing feature for index cards. I do sometimes make lists on them, what I do is just type in asterisks for the bullets. Pretty old school. :slight_smile: But these cards are plain text, not rich text, so lists would only ever be as fancy as what you can type in.

Personally, I prefer using the minus sign (and spaces) rather than asterisks.

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Seems neater to me than asterisks but each to his own.

And if it’s not set that way already for you, you can adjust the Return key behavior under the Navigation tab of Edit>Options so that you’re able to enter a new line with Return rather then ending editing.

That’s very helpful! thank you for thinking of that!